This association shall:

  • Foster a spirit of mutual helpfulness and cooperation among the administrators in the evaluation, adoption, purchase, and distribution of textbooks/instructional materials.


  • Arrange for continuing study and review of print and electronic textbooks/instructional materials manufacturing specifications, aiming toward the highest quality and most durable instructional product.


  • Authorize special surveys, tests, and studies that could result in benefits to the various states and other adoption units in the nation.


  • Initiate action along any avenue to find the best component products for textbooks/instructional materials production.


  • Participate in the sharing of information to address issues of national as well as state concern.



Secretary May initiate, print, and distribute a fall and spring newsletter for NASTA membership.



The following are the standing committees of NASTA and shall be appointed by the president of the association:

Time and Place Committee: The Time and Place Committee shall recommend to the association a time and place for succeeding meetings.

Resolutions Committee: The Resolutions Committee shall prepare appropriate resolutions and present them to the association for consideration.



The registration fees shall not exceed $100 per attendee.


Approved: November 2010 National Harbor, MD

Val Fenske, Secretary/Treasurer