The association shall be known as the State Instructional Materials Review Association  (SIMRA).



Membership in the State Instructional Materials Review Association is defined as Regular Membership (including other delegated members) and Voting Membership. These categories of membership are defined as follows:


A. Regular Membership:


Regular membership shall be open to any individual identified by his/her state superintendent as being the administrator of the textbook/instructional materials program in that state. Additional members from each state, who are in attendance with the regular membership, shall be referred to as “other delegated members.” Each regular member and other delegated members shall be listed on the SIMRA roster and receive all information about SIMRA meetings and activities. A regular member who is unable to attend a meeting may delegate his/her authority to another staff member from his/her state department of education in writing to the SIMRA president either prior to the convening of the meeting or at the start of the scheduled meeting.


B. Voting Membership:


Voting members are regular members or their duly delegated representatives who are in attendance at a SIMRA meeting or who have attended one of the three previous meetings.


C. Associate Membership


Former SIMRA members may become Associate Member of SIMRA upon payment of membership/meeting fees. Associate members are responsible for their own expenses. Associate Members may not hold office and may not vote.


D. Honorary Membership


Former SIMRA members may become candidates for Honorary Membership by being nominated by at least three Regular Members, not including officers. Upon executive officer approval, Honorary Member must be approved by a unanimous vote of membership. Honorary Members are responsible for their own expenses and meeting fees. Honorary Members may not hold office and may not vote.




It is the intent of the association to hold two national meetings annually. The president and/or ten voting members have the authority to call special meetings of the association by written petition to the secretary.


Annual Meeting – Specific date, time & location shall be designated by hosting state. Members shall be notified 90 days prior to annual meeting and submit registration within 30 days of meeting. Meetings may be held via conference call, webinar, videoconference or other electronic means.





The officers of the association shall be president, vice-president, secretary and treasurer, to be elected from its voting membership during the annual meeting. A parliamentarian and historian will be appointed by the president. In the event of the death or incapacity of an officer to serve, the remaining officers shall select someone to complete the term and announce the appointment to the membership. In the case of the president, the vice-president shall be elevated to the presidency and a vice-president chosen by the officers.





The president shall preside at all meetings of the association, appoint standing and special committees, serve as the chair of the SIMRA representatives to the Advisory Commission on Textbook Specifications (ACTS), appoint the ACTS chair and vice-chair, ensures policy and procedures are reviewed and updated as necessary and conducts the business of the association during the interim between meetings.

The vice-president shall aid the president in all activities of the association as directed by the president and shall preside in the president’s absence and succeed to the presidency if the president cannot serve.

The secretary shall be the recording secretary for all SIMRA meetings. The secretary shall take all minutes of the meetings and transcribe and send a copy of the minutes to the membership for their approval. (NOTE: The minutes of each meeting shall carry a list of the voting membership by name and address; also, a designated list of the associate and honorary members by name and address shall be included.) The secretary shall oversee the SIMRA Bylaws and ensure all records of the Bylaws, newsletter, minutes and resolutions are filed.

The treasurer shall collect all registration fees for each meeting and shall also keep an up-to-date record of revenues and expenditures of the association.

The parliamentarian shall assure that proper procedures are followed during association meetings and deliberations.


The historian shall arrange for a photograph of SIMRA members to be taken at each meeting. The historian shall also update the history of the association annually. 3




The rules in the current edition of Roberts Rules of Order shall be the recognized parliamentary authority.




SIMRA shall operate as a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization with an educational purpose as described herein.


In the event of dissolution of the association (SIMRA), any funds in the treasury at that time shall be distributed to one or more regularly organized and qualified charitable, educational, or scientific organizations to be selected by the current officers.

 Policy and Procedures have the same authority as bylaws; however published separately to provide changes under the authorization of the executive board members.




A majority of the attending states at a scheduled meeting with a voting member present constitutes a quorum.




Each member state shall have one vote. Two-thirds of the voting members present or their designated representatives shall vote for any item or business to give it association approval.





The following standing committee shall be appointed by SIMRA president

Nominating Committee:

At the annual meeting, the Nominating Committee shall nominate the following:


  1. The slate of officers to serve for the ensuing year—president, vice-president, secretary and treasurer. Additional nominations may be received from the floor. There shall be no formula for succession to the higher offices in SIMRA.
  2. The ACTS Committee. These representatives shall be composed of six (6) voting members (including the president of SIMRA) and three (3) alternates who will serve in the absence of any of the regularly appointed members.


The president of SIMRA shall serve as the chair of the SIMRA Delegation to the ACTS Committee. From the other five (5) members, the president of SIMRA shall appoint the ACTS chair and vice-chair.


The ACTS Executive Committee (SIMRA president, his/her appointed ACTS chair and vice-chair, and other AAP and BMI representatives) shall meet twice each year. The first meeting will be held in late January or early February and the second meeting in July at a place to be decided by SIMRA or make exceptions when necessary.

The ACTS Committee shall have full authority to request and use full consultative services from the print and electronic publishers, printers, book binders, manufacturers of component parts of textbooks, the U.S. Department of Education, reliable testing laboratories, or any other companies or organizations that could contribute to the committee’s knowledge in upgrading print and electronic textbook manufacturing specifications. This committee may delegate duties and responsibilities to any of the above organizations that would prove beneficial to the committee in upgrading print and electronic textbook manufacturing specifications.

The ACTS Representatives shall prepare its recommendations and report to the membership of the association during each meeting.


The slate of officers and the ACTS Representatives shall be approved by the voting membership of SIMRA at the summer meeting or, in the absence of a quorum, no later than 30 days following the adjournment of the summer meeting.




Registration fees shall be determined by the three officers and will be collected at each meeting of the association. All registration fees shall be announced 90 days prior to meeting. All registration fees shall be turned over to the treasurer to help defray the expenses incurred by the association during the year.





The Bylaws can be amended only by two-thirds vote of the voting members present or their designated representatives. Any proposed amendment must be submitted in writing to the president in time to allow distribution to each member 30 days prior to the first day of the next scheduled meeting. Any revisions to proposed amendments will be considered and acted upon during that meeting.

Approved: November 2010

National Harbor, MD

Val Fenske, Secretary/Treasurer